Preferentials Subjectes

Study Committee A2 – Transformers & Study Committee D1 – Materials and Emerging Technologies

PS 1 – On site installation and commissioning tests

  • Transformer transportation and storage: technology, problems and solutions.
  • Recommended commissioning tests and evaluations for transformers and reactors during its onsite installation.
  • Problems and manufacturing defects detection with material quality inspections.
  • Field experience during transformer installation (assembly/ disassembly, field tests).
  • Environmental concerns of PCB in power equipment, new and in operation.

PS 2 - Reliability, diagnostic and modeling advances

  • High frequency modeling for power transformers and shunt reactors, including comparisons with measurements.
  • Modelling and interpretation of windings frequency response test results.
  • Experience and comparison of different partial discharge tests in laboratory or in the field.
  • New chemical markers for cellulose ageing in electrical equipment.
  • Integrity check, performance evaluation and useful life expectance for transformers, reactors, their materials, components and accessories, including the online monitoring system.
  • Transformers and reactors maintenance’s techniques, including requirements for online monitoring.
  • Failure analyses and post morten investigation.
  • User experience with transformers and reactors life extension and economical models for investment evaluation.

PS 3 - Requirements, specification, design and tests of transformers

  • Practical effects of the overload requirements in the transformer design and components.
  • Additional considerations for specification of special transformers
  • Technical specification of insulation system focusing on the demands of new applications, materials and components (Ultra-High voltages, HVDC, high-temperatures).
  • Extra High Voltage measurement techniques and impacts in HVDC and HVCA systems.
  • Special test techniques or advances in test procedures.


Study Committee A3 – High Voltage Equipment & Study Committee B3 – Substations

PS 1 - Advances in substation technology, reliability and design

  • New connection configuration for higher reliability and reduced cost.
  • Modular, pre-fabricated, fast assembly and plug-and-play concept for substation solutions.
  • Reliability Evaluation of Substation Based on System Performance.
  • Combination of outdoor and GIS/MTS technologies for substation area reduction.
  • Combination of GIS, GIL and Insulated Cables in substation design.
  • Mitigation solutions of substations to meet emerging grid requirements includes new renewable energy resource growth.

PS 2 - Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Assurance considerations in substations

  • • Customer and stakeholder interaction to reduce substation impact including aesthetics noise and fire management.
  • Design for safety, eco-design/recycling and environmentally friendly product development.
  • Managing the implementation of health, safety and environmental requirements for substations, including training
  • Physical and cyber-security considerations for substations.

PS 3 - End-of-life management of HV equipment

  • HV equipment failures attributed to end-of-life: how to avoid them?
  • Application of monitoring and diagnostic technics as a mean to avoid equipment failures and to extend life.
  • Experience of transmission utilities with regulatory acts ruling maintenance procedures.
  • Experience of transmission utilities with regulatory acts ruling end-of-life of HV equipment

PS 4 - HV equipment modelling and simulation

  • Modelling of HV equipment for performance investigation purposes and failure tracking.
  • * Recent experiences with TRT, VFT and controlled switching modelling in ATP.
  • Experience with ATP routines developed with TACS and MODELS as a mean to optimize HV equipment transient simulation and system interaction.



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