Latest Cigré developments in Material and Test Techniques for Power Transformers

Ralf-Dieter Pietsch, Ph.D
Head of High-Voltage Technology (R&D) at HIGHVOLT and chairman of CIGRÉ Study Committee SC D1..

Segunda-feira (26/11/2018) | 13h45 às 15h00 | Auditório

In this tutorial, Dr. Pietsch will be offering an overview of the structure and activities of CIGRE Study Committee (SC) D1, “Materials and Emerging Test Techniques”. The main activities of this SC is organized within 29 working groups (WG), grouped in four main areas: “Liquid & impregnated Systems”, “Testing and Diagnosis”, “Gases” and “Solids”. After presenting SC D1, which works closely together with SC A2, “Transformers”, this tutorial will focus on recent activities and technical publications about insulating liquids and diagnostics (partial discharges, dissolved gas analysis, moisture measurements and others) applicable on power transformers. Therefore a brief summary of the activities of the following WGs will be given. Joint WG D1/A2.47 plans to publish its results in 2019 in two technical brochures: One is titled as “On-line gas monitors, gas-in-oil standards, GDA in LTCs, ester oils” and the second one “Detection of faults in transformers by DGA”. The final results of WG D1.52, how to measure moisture with solid-state sensors in insulating fluids and transformer insulation, will briefly demonstrated too. The finished work of D1.53 about ageing of impregnated cellulose for power transformers and its main results will be highlighted. Finally, the key results of WG D1.29, published in technical brochure 676, “Partial Discharges in Transformers”, will be presented.

Bio: Ralf-Dieter Pietsch graduated in physics (“Diplom-Physiker”) from the University of Technologies of Aachen, RWTH Aachen, Germany, in 1986. He received his Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) at the Institute of High Voltage Technology, RWTH Aachen in 1992. Between 1992 and 1996 he worked as a project engineer at ABB Corporate Research in Baden-Daettwil, Switzerland. End of 1996 he moved to ABB High Voltage Technologies, Zürich-Oerlikon (Switzerland) to lead the type test and development laboratories, mainly for testing GIS with rated voltages above 170 kV up to 800 kV. Since January 2001 he worked for HIGHVOLT in different technical positions. Additionally, since 1996 he is an active member of CIGRÉ SC D1 in various working groups (as specialist, secretary and convenor). Since September 2016 he is Chairman of CIGRÉ Study Committee SC D1. Besides, since 2004 he is a contract teacher at Chemnitz University of Technology, giving lectures on “Diagnostics and High-Voltage Measurement Techniques”.

O workshop será apresentado em inglês e contará com tradução simultânea para a apresentação e interação com o tutor em português.




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