Cost Effective Contemporary Substation Design

Sergio Feitoza Costa, M.Sc.
Director at Cognitor and M.Sc. in Power with over 30 years of experience in high power and high voltage testing.

Segunda-feira (26/11/2018) | 11h00 às 12h15 | Auditório

This Tutorial provides a guide on the substation design process aimed at lowering the cost of substations for developing countries. The Tutorial has been segregated into three distinct themes. The first theme explores the substation design philosophy and process – philosophy of design, contemporary asset management applied to substation design and discussion of the design process. The second theme identifies engineering considerations for substation design – equipment selection; siting, access and constructability; operability and maintainability; and safety and environment. The third theme reflects on the project management and commercial approaches intended to lower exposure to lifecycle cost – project management considerations; costing; procurement of infrastructure and training of design practitioners.

In this tutorial we will present the main points included in the Brochure, entitled “Contemporary Design of Low Cost Substations in Developing Countries” prepared by WG B3-43. The main points covered are:

  • Introduction and countries that are yet to reach 100% electrification;
  • Why was WB B3.43 established and how the work was executed (key milestones);
  • Structure of the technical brochure (Design Philosophies, Technical Implementation, Project Implementation, Post Project Training);
  • Design Philosophy (Technical Survey, Influences on Philosophy, Design Process, Questioning Attitude, Asset Management, Life-cycle cost analysis);
  • Design Process (Major components, lower substation cost);
  • Engineering (Equipment Selection, Affecting factors, Guidelines);
  • Site Selection, Access and Constructability;
  • Operability, Maintainability, Hazards and Risks, Safety, Security;
  • Project Management & Procurement Practice, Project Life Cycle and Scope;
  • Project planning, execution, costing and Close Out considerations;
  • Training Overview, Methods and Topics to cover.

Bio: Sergio Feitoza Costa is an electrical engineer, M.Sc. and Director of Cognitor, a consultancy and training company. He has 30 years of experience in high power and high voltage testing laboratories (design, construction, operation as test engineer and management), substations equipment design and testing. Along 25 years in CEPEL – Brazil he participated in all the phases of the design, construction and operation. He was the manager of 14 laboratories including high voltage, high power, Ex, materials and calibration. Managed also teams in generation with renewable and non-renewable sources. After leaving CEPEL, in the last 20 years, he improved experience in the development of substations equipment. Sergio is the author of software SwitchgearDesign, a rare toll to simulate expensive tests made in testing labs, used for developing products and calculations for substations. In the last 5 years Sergio is consultant of the owners for the implantation of the new Brazilian set of testing labs in Itajubá MG. They include a high power (2500 MVA), high voltage (550 kV) & temperature rise tests (25kA). In IEC, Sergio was, in the 90´s, the chairman of the IEC Technical Committee 32 (Fuses). Recently he was member of the WG which prepared IEC 62271-307. At Cigré Sergio was member of the WG A3.24 and co-author of the brochure CIGRE 602 / 2014 (internal arc). He is member of WG A3.36 (temperature rise) and WG B3-43 (Low cost substation solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa). Sergio is author of tens of articles and publications and, in Cognitor, he has been applying more than 200 trainings all over the World.

The tutorial will be presented in Portuguese and will have simultaneous translation into English.




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