Workshop with Cigré WG A2.55 on Life Extension

Pascal Gregor Mueller
Convenor of Cigré WG A2.55 - Life extension on “oil filled power transformers and shunt reactors” and Program Manager/COO - High voltage and power generation - with Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich.

Segunda-feira (26/11/2018) | 16h45 às 18h00 | Auditório

An Asset Manager when managing aging and/or failing transformer fleet has two predominant decision paths available. To either define and justify means to extend service life of a unit which is aged but in good enough condition, whilst still ensuring the required level of reliability at a targeted cost; or to implement mitigation solutions that will keep the failing unit in service until a planned replacement. The Technical Guide (that is targeted for release by the end of 2019) by the A2.55 Working Group will cover these two directions, aiming to provide a methodology for asset managers and technical experts to define possible solutions and justifications for the life extension of an ageing or failing transformer (maintenance, refurbishment, repair, upgrade, relocation, monitoring). Our ultimate goal is to support the decision making process with technical and economic arguments for the different scenarios.
The CIGRE ‘End of Life’ definition adopted by the A2.55 WG falls under the three criteria of Functional end of life, Economical end of life, and Reliability end of life. “Life Extension" is therefore a set of major or minor interventions implemented to remedy a particular end of life assessment, restore back to a functional operating condition and postpone imminent failure. The three End of Life definitions are applicable but not limited to aged assets, with or without defects or faults, functional or failed. All actions postponing one of the three end of life determinations are therefore considered to be Life Extension. Normal life management practices, such as routine maintenance and testing are therefore not considered to be Life Extension under above definition.

General approach is to:
- Look at all high voltage substation assets generally
- Introduce the terms of reference and scope of the WG A2.55 Life Extension
- Show correlation of Life Extension justification and application with other non-transformer HV assets.
- Touch on best practice asset management vs reality

Topics for discussion in groups and presented:
- Tests and decision criteria to justify life extension?
- Theory vs reality?
- Is life extension worth it?
- Lessons learnt from real cases life extension practices

Bio: Pascal Gregor Mueller received his electrical engineering degree in high voltage and power electronics 1997 and his business engineering degree in procurement/ production logistics, system effectiveness in 1999, in Zurich, Switzerland. He is currently working as Program Manager/ COO (high voltage and power generation) with Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich (ewz). His responsibilities include technical and strategic advice and drawing up the refurbishment/replacement cluster strategy for ewz power generation and substations. He has twenty years of project management experience in the field of planning and implementation of substations construction/ replacement.
He is also a specialist in high voltage technology, power transformers and GIS in particular. He is the convener of CIGRE Working Group A2.55: Life Extension of Oil Filled Transformers and Shunt Reactors. Before he was a regular member (CHE) and organized the joint Colloquium A2/C4 in 2013 in Zurich. He was member in A2.34 (Guide for Transformer Maintenance) and A2. 37 (Transformer Reliability Survey).

O workshop será apresentado em inglês e contará com tradução simultânea para a apresentação e interação com o tutor em português.



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