Latest developments of T&D switching technology

René Peter Paul Smeets, Ph.D
Service area and innovation leader at DNV GL’s KEMA Laboratories and professor in the field of high-power switching and testing technology at Eindhoven University.

Segunda-feira (26/11/2018) | 09h15 às 10h30 | Auditório

In this overview tutorial, Dr. Smeets will highlight trends in the field of switching technology driven by changing requirements from users, such as transmission and distribution of renewable energy, mass energy generation and transmission, environmental concern, digitalization, cost-benefit optimization among others.
The subjects of the tutorial reflect the latest developments in CIGRE A3 working groups of which Dr. Smeets was a convener, secretary or member and will include:
- Impact of offshore application on switchgear (wind turbine switchgear integration, deep sea application, LF transmission, long cable switching, switchgear compacting);
- impact of SF6 alternatives on switching (comparison of state-of-the-art available gases and pilots);
- overview of HVDC station switchgear, incl. overview of actual technology of HVDC circuit breakers, HVDC grids;
- ultra-high voltage: Status of UHV switchgear and its application;
- ultra-high current: Large generator circuit breakers with SF6 and vacuum;
- impact and technical status and limitations of high-voltage vacuum switchgear;
- digitalization of substation components, like switchgear and instrument transformers;
- latest developments in (U)HV circuit breaker testing, incl. HVDC circuit breakers.

Bio: René Peter Paul Smeets received a Ph.D degree for research work on switchgear in 1987. Until 1995, he was an assistant professor at Eindhoven University. During 1991 he worked with Toshiba Corporation in Japan. In 1995, he joined KEMA, the Netherlands. At present, he is with DNV GL’s KEMA Laboratories, as a service area and innovation leader. In 2001 he was appointed part-time professor at Eindhoven University, the Netherlands in the field of high-power switching and testing technology. He received six international awards. In 2013 he became adjunct professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. Dr. Smeets is convener and member of working groups and study/advisory committees of CIGRE in the field of emerging high-voltage equipment such as high-voltage vacuum -, HVDC switchgear and SF6 alternatives. He is convener of two maintenance teams in IEC on high-voltage switchgear. He published and edited three books and authored over 250 international papers on testing and switching in power systems. In 2008 he was elected Fellow of IEEE and since 2008 he is chairman of the “Current Zero Club”, a scientific study committee on current interruption.

O workshop será apresentado em inglês e contará com tradução simultânea para a apresentação e interação com o tutor em português.



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