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The Brazilian National Committee of the Production and Transmission of Electric Energy (CIGRÉ-Brasil) is a non-profit civil society. Founded in 1971, it aims to promote technical, technological and engineering exchange and development in Brazil, in the field of electric power production, its transmission in high voltage and distribution, encompassing within the framework of its Study Committees (SC) A2, A3, B3 and D1:

SC A2 - Transformers

Design, construction, manufacture and operation of all types of transformers, including converters, industrial transformers and so-called phaseshifters, as well as all types of reactors and transformer components (bushings, switches, etc.).

SC A3 - High Voltage Equipment

Theory, design, construction and operation for all maneuvering devices, switches and current limiters, lightning arresters, capacitors, insulation switches for equipment and busbars and instrument transformers.

SC B3 - Substations

Design, construction and maintenance of substations and power plant installations, excluding generators.

SC D1 - Emerging Materials and Technologies

Monitoring and characterization of new and existing materials for electrical energy technology, diagnosis, technical acquis and related knowledge, new technologies with expected impact on medium and long term systems.



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